What is the Purpose of Romance?

What is the purpose of romance?

It can reach its greatest potential in marriage when husband and wife develop emotional, spiritual, and physical intimacy together.

Emotional Intimacy

In order for romantic love to blossom in a marriage, husband and wife must forge new values, priorities and goals that will make their life as a married couple more rewarding. They must choose to put the good of their marriage above other things in their lives, and demonstrate their commitment to each other through daily acts that produce feelings of tender affection in both of them. You will like indian porn.

Marriage also involves risk and sacrifice because a loving marriage requires unity of emotions and decisions between husband and wife, a willingness to let go of independence, and a deep commitment to the lifelong happiness of your chosen mate. This can be difficult if extramarital flirtations or fantasies have eroded trust and desire in your relationship.

Spiritual Intimacy

As husband and wife come to understand each other and work toward the fulfillment of their basic relationship needs, spiritual intimacy blooms. They discover the same values and goals, and they become unified through sharing these values and goals. They also gain a new understanding of the uniqueness of their individual mates and develop a deep desire to be together.

Physical Intimacy

Sexual intimacy is a powerful gift that God has given married couples. It can be used to strengthen the bond of their romance, and it makes forgiveness, patience, acceptance, forbearance, and mutual recommitment easier.

However, sexual intimacy can be misused if it is not enjoyed properly and with love. For example, when it is abused for sexual gratification, it can lead to unhealthy patterns of dependency, jealousy, and anger.

It can also create a sense of numbness that leads to feelings of denial and self-pity. And it can cause a husband or wife to neglect other aspects of their lives, such as family, work, or hobbies.

It can also lead to the end of a successful relationship or friendship when the two people do not want to continue with each other. But it is important to remember that love can be found even if the relationship does not continue.