Top 3 Helicopter Tours From Las Vegas To The Grand Canyon With Skywalk

Assuming you’re arranging an excursion toward the West Rim of the Grand Canyon, you would rather not miss seeing the Skywalk when you go. The Skywalk is an outright exhilarating thing to encounter, in addition to the view from the stage is unrivaled, so reserving a helicopter visit that incorporates the Skywalk experience is the best approach.

#1 Tour – The Top Recommended Skywalk Tour

The top visit out of Vegas likewise turns out to be the most reasonable helicopter visit to the Canyon. The ride from inns in Vegas to the Boulder City landing strip requires around 30 minutes, and your visit incorporates free transportation by transport van.

The picturesque trip to the Canyon requires around 45 minutes, and you’ll see a few fascinating things. First off, you’ll get to see Lake Mead and the monstrous Boulder Dam from the air, which is a memorable sight.

Your helicopter will arrive on top of the edge at the air terminal, and you’ll be around 5 minutes from the Skywalk. This visit takes you to the Skywalk, yet you get VIP tickets too. On account of that, you get to avoid holding up in line, and that gives you all the more spare energy to investigate the Canyon.

Albeit the normal time spent on the Skywalk is around 20 minutes, you can really remain as long as you need. Notwithstanding, in the event that you don’t jeep tours colorado invest all your energy on the Skywalk, you’ll have considerably more opportunity to spend at other review regions. Be that as it may, remaining on the straightforward floor and looking 4000 feet to the Canyon floor beneath is so hypnotizing, you probably shouldn’t leave the Skywalk.

#2 Tour – The Deluxe Option

The #2 suggested visit is the exclusive adaptation of visit #1 which leaves from the Vegas Strip rather than Boulder City. It’s significantly more advantageous to get to the helipad on The Strip, and a reward of taking off and arriving on The Strip is that you get to see Vegas from the air. In the event that you don’t settle on the luxurious visit, you’ll pass up seeing the renowned Vegas tourist spots and huge hotels from the air. Likewise, you’ll be driven from your inn to the helipad in a limousine, so you’ll feel like you’re seeking VIP treatment.

#3 Tour – All-In-One Helicopter Tour With Skywalk Experience

This is the visit to do everything. This visit accompanies every one of the exercises you can do at the West Rim included. You get to arrive on top of the edge so you can see the Skywalk, and you likewise make quick work of the Canyon. The thrilling plummet into the Canyon is something you’ll always remember, and when you land at the base, you’ll have the option to jump on a boat and require a brief float visit along the Colorado River. This visit is exceptional on the grounds that the West Rim is the main spot where choppers can fly beneath the edge and land on the Canyon floor, so it is a visit you would rather not miss assuming you can manage the cost of it.