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Many Internet Marketing novices aren’t conscious that there are hackers, hello-jackers and thieves who have hundreds of methods of stealing your downloads. If you’re making plans on advertising down-loadable merchandise from your very own host, then you should have a down load protector script established to your internet site.

It has been anticipated that over half of of all ebooks and software in use are stolen copies, with a large percentage of these being stolen directly from the thank you page. The hassle can grow to be very serious if a search engine picks up the hyperlink, making it handy to anybody doing a search for your product. Search engines robots regularly ignore the “no comply with” command on the meta tags of your download page, even if you put them there. If a person is searching for your product, they might locate your download web page if the hunt engine robots picked it up. You would then hardly ever make a sale.

Another way to lose income, is that kickass torrents your download links may be passed to others permitting them access on your downloads with out procuring them. That is why it’s far crucial to have a time restrict or download limit set for your virtual downloads. You set the restrict long sufficient for the purchaser to down load the product, or some attempts to down load in case there are problems like by accident closing the page,. Then it expires so nobody else has time to get in and down load with out paying. The down load time can also be set to 4-5 minutes, or a few greater mins if it is a completely long download. For instance videos, and audios. But it should now not be set for lengthy sufficient for a person to electronic mail the download web page to a person else to get at.

Some down load protector scripts create protected relaxed hyperlinks thru several payment processors. Your download is covered in the PayPal link thru the IPN gadget which make it nearly impossible to hack. You also can use Clickbank as a payment processor with covered hyperlinks the use of the ClickBank Secret Key System. Some scripts even permit fee covered links thru 2Checkout and other charge options.

The download safety script wishes to be installed to your web host. If you experience you are not as much as it, then for a few dollars you could have the script mounted for you. It will greater than pay for itself shortly by what it’s going to prevent in stolen products and income.

Why paintings difficult to get income in case you are not amassing ALL the cash that is rightfully yours. Protect your downloads! Visit my aid container to locate greater methods to protect your downloads and thanks pages from Internet thieves and hackers.