LED Street Lighting – No Longer King of the Road

With the demand to have more energy efficient and economical street lighting, it’s not a surprise that we’re witnessing the development of new LED lighting systems appearing in our streets. They claim to have less power consumption and are easily powered by wind or solar power generation systems and as consequence, the operational expenses associated with their usage are quite low. This is something that city officials and managers are eager to learn about in light of the numerous cities’ budget deficits. But the systems can only be as good in the weakest point, and in this case, it’s the LED’s itself that make these systems second-rateall in one solar street light.

Most LED bulb assemblies that are used in the US present day were at least in part produced in China that has proved through a variety of quality issues with various items that they’re not superior. The technology has been plagued with issues of quality ranging from poor quality power boards to failure rates to only producing sufficient light for a minimum of fifty thousand hours. The use of these lights in traffic signals has led to malfunctions in the operation of traffic in areas that are prone to snow in the US because of the lack of heat that could prevent snow accumulation within their fixtures. The most common solution to this issue was to put in resistance-based heating circuits in order to maintain the lights over freezing temperatures to melt snow that could block the lighting of the fixture from passing drivers.

When you consider these basic issues, it is easy to understand the reasons why these systems should definitely not be used for crucial applications. The energy savings in the short term are fading away to regular repairs and warranty issues that ultimately will end up causing the demise of these systems that would be better suited for lighting minor outdoor properties of properties or homes. At the very least, their failures are unlikely to result in any accidents in traffic that could end someone’s life. New lighting technology is available that is guaranteed to be a step over the LED and provides far more energy savings, as well as significantly longer operational and warranty time. Induction lighting systems made right in the old US of A have come to the forefront in all aspects and do so without any of the serious quality problems that are a part LED. LED.

The lighting systems they use in all their relevant models provide 60percent energy savings in comparison to traditional lighting systems. Additionally, these systems are available in a broad selection of applications models which can be used for anything from walkways and parking structures lighting to essential illumination systems for streets. The life expectancy of these systems way more than the LEDs with their 100,000 hours of operation that is also covered by their manufacturer guarantee and 10-year warranties. These systems are powered by wind or solar energy and can be used as a stand-alone unit or as a grid-tie system using Smart Grid technology. In an era where efficiency, energy conservation, and cost could not be more crucial for any city in the world these systems provide the ideal solutions to address numerous issues where lighting is an absolute necessity.