Denim Trends Summer

Traditional denim looks are receiving a refreshing summer revamp! Here are some innovative ways to wear jeans and interesting, modern designs of denim dresses including blazers, dresses and otherjeans fabric suppliers.

Cropped Jeans

Here’s an outfit you can have without having to open your wallet. You can roll down your skinny jeans for the look of crop jeans. I usually wear this look by wearing a pair of naked pumps and a tshirt that I top with a light jacket The trend for costume jewelry is the fashion this year, therefore be sure you add the most chunky bangles, or a pendant.

Be sure to choose slim-fitting jeans that touch the mid-calf area, anything less is a risk of being misinterpreted as Huckleberry Finn.

Boyfriend Jeans

The enticement of seeing the woman who is wearing her boyfriend’s dress on the morning after has been arousing men’s minds for a while. My whole life, I’ve been a big fan of wearing male clothes with a feminine touch. The boyfriend jeans are the masculine aspect and it is important to ensure that your shirt is soft and soft. I suggest the sheer or lace tank to offset the denim-y look. Wear it with some heels that are strappy and you’ll be at its peak.

High Waisted Jeans

They have the capability to make your bum appear as if it’s lifted and full! For those who have a flat bottom the style of pants can be a boon. Choose wide-legged and high-waisted jeans to give the illusion of an elongated legs and body as well as a fuller bottom. The pumps you wear will make you appear more leaner and longer. Dress your shirt in a tuck and tie it with a vintage belts to highlight your waistline for a fashionable look.

Denim Blazers

A fresh twist on traditional jackets and jean vests are denim blazers that are trending. They can be worn to match with everything. Maxi skirts, cropped pants skinny jeans, and the options are endless.

Denim Leggings

Also known in the fashion of “jeggings” these leggings are made of spandex and denim to allow you enough stretch, while remaining fashion-forward. Not only are they comfortable, but they are available in a variety of styles that can be worn by any body type. They can be worn are adorned with long tops, bulky tank tops, sweaters and crop tops, whatever you want.

Denim Dresses

From A-line dresses to cute jumpers, the denim trend has engulfed the streets in a an array of jeans skirts and dresses. The denim shirt dresses are accommodating and can cover any flaws without sacrificing style. You can pair them with a skinny beige belt and pumps to create stylish style. There are some great A-line dresses made from lighter denim that wrap around the waist, and then fall over your hips. My personal favorites are jeans with pockets!