Contract Lock Manufacturing

What is Contract Lock Manufacturing? Contract lock manufacturing is when a customer orders a lock manufactured just for them.

It’s a lot more complex than the “Simple Answer”. This involves not only the design of a new lock but also a locking mechanism. Many times, an engineer will design a product but not create an off-the-shelf lock for the new product. It is usually cheaper to have a manufacturer design a lock mechanism than to redesign the product.

Manufacturers must be committed to a large quantity of locks or a high amount of money. A contract is typically made between the manufacturer and the company. The engineering process will then begin, which will include the creation of fit and function samples. Next, production samples will be made. Production will start when the company approves the new lock or mechanism smart lock manufacturer.

It is often a lengthy process from design to production. There are many details involved such as:

There will be an agreement on the number of locks and the price.

Who pays for tooling costs?

What is the right amount of production and design samples?

These new locks and/or mechanism are made from high-quality materials and have high security levels.

Are there electronics in the new products?

Do the new locks and/or mechanisms have to communicate with the product?

This new lock will be delivered by the delivery date.

Throughout the entire process, quality control is maintained.

This is a difficult process. This is why large lock manufacturers won’t go through the process unless they have large quantities. There are smaller manufacturers that specialize on “Custom Lock Manufacturing”. Locking Systems International is one such company. They can design locks and/or mechanisms in the United States, and then manufacture them in Asia. The process must still be profitable for everyone involved. They can usually handle smaller quantities because their overhead is typically lower.

You will need to decide which locking mechanism you require and how many. Once you are clear about what you need, you can start to contact manufacturers.