Common Types of Personal Loans 

A private loan is an amount of money borrowed to use for various purposes of your own choice. It could be for your home renovation or a destination wedding. Many online lenders and private institutions that are good at money lending in Tanjong Pagar offer private loans at a reasonable ROI. The borrowed amount has to be repaid over time with the interest amount. Listed below are the types of personal loans.

Different types of personal loans

Personal loans could be used for a variety of purposes. These loans are generally available without detailed documentation. Listed below are som3 of its types

Wedding loan

An average wedding at present costs nothing less than a few lacs of rupees. To meet the requirements for funds for those not privileged enough, wedding loans offer a great financial support option. These loans are lent at a reasonable rate of interest.

Vacation or Trip loan

Holiday loans are a way to enjoy the most out of the holiday taken without worrying about the funds. Although these loans have a considerable amount of interest. It also depends on the decided terms. Availing of trip loans is usually a lengthy process with lots of documentation involved.

Home Improvement loan

A home is a place where one seeks comfort. Also, the place where one resides is considered to be the most valuable asset. A home is responsible for keeping you healthy and cosy for the successive work ahead. At times, it suffers from some repairs that cannot be overlooked. To avoid such discomfort from continuing for long, homeowners generally look for home modification loans to cover the expenses. These loans are scalable to repay and beneficial in a long term for sustaining your home.

Medical loan

Medical expenditures can be quite expensive; the medical examination and testing bills, transportation, etc are enough to drain the funds. To avoid so, medical loans at affordable interest rates are available in the market. It is recommended to keep one such loan amount in store for some sudden medical emergencies.


When applying for a personal loan, always look for a legitimate money lender. Also, ensure the amount and the ROI are well within your reach to repay. Doing your research is important for the fund type available in a personal loan type. Knowledge about the purpose of a loan ensures that the funds are used for the right usage.