Are Circle Lenses Really Safe?


Circle Lenses have been a hot topic recently following the famous Lady Gaga Video.

Circle Lenses are becoming more identified via teen and younger adults. But the large question is always… Are they secure?

Our revel in have told ask that carrying of touch lenses may be unstable in case you do now not observe the proper cleansing and hygiene technique lay out via the Lens producer or advise by using certified Optometrists and eye medical doctors. Thus circle lenses haven’t any exception…!!!

Circle lenses can also be located synthetic by way of legit businesses i.E. GEO scientific co ltd that achieve severa qualified certification. This enterprise has performed many popular of manufacturing the proper contact lenses for most of the people. But inspite of this qualification and certification if the end person does no longer pay interest on the precise usage and care of the touch lens, I accept as true with the hazard of eye contamination and other eye hassle can be raised.

Thus, the bottom line is Circle lenses may be safe and additionally can be a volatile to you… The real answer all relies upon on you… The consumer. You might be endangering the protection of your own eyes, if you do now not follow the appropriate care and managing of those lenses, and so are circle lenses as properly.

Nowadays most touch lenses are make of tender lenses; they are much fragile while touch and so proper care need to be observed to keep away from damage to the lenses.

Below are 8 essential suggestions while coping with your circle lenses:

– Always save your lenses in multi-motive answer for about 6 hours earlier than use – Do not use it directly from the vial!

– Strictly wash, rinse and dry your both arms earlier than touching your lenses.

– Always keep your finger nails circle lenses trimmed. Do no longer use sharp object to handle you lenses. Use only your finger hints to deal with the lens

– Do not use water from the Tap or worst, your saliva to rinse your lenses!

– Always do not forget to clean, rinse and disinfect your lenses once you take away them out of your eye. Forgetting to do this step will cause soreness and worst infection for your eye whilst you pick to put on them once more.

– When making use of cosmetic or makeup, constantly put on your touch lenses first to avoid make up powder or cream in contact with disinfected lenses.

– Remember the expiry date of the touch lenses and continually replace them regularly as indicated

– Avoid carrying touch lenses when swimming, dozing, or doing any activities which could have contact with your eyes for long period of time.

– Contact your eye health practitioner or optometrist immediately, in case you preserve to experience soreness or infection even after your have cast off your lenses.

IF In Doubt, Always are trying to find expert advice before using contact lenses.