6 Effective Ways to Come Up With Hundreds of Blog Post Ideas

There are a variety of gurus who declare to have the solution about what number of words a blog submit have to be. But, the truth is, there’s no actual attempted and genuine solution. There are top reasons for having long, short and in-among blog posts, so the first-class solution to this query is probably to have a combination of all types of posts.

1. Short Blog Posts

Keeping blog posts short, say  below 500 phrases, is notable for readers who’ve quick interest spans and to update your readers on some thing interesting. Bite-sized content material is brilliant to read while waiting in line, on the physician’s office, or when your reader has a quick damage. You get to the point quickly, as a way to circulate on in your call to motion.

Curated – You collect the content you believe you studied is applicable that your target market must have a look at, and write a quick blurb or intro to the content material.
Product Announcements – These do not always want a protracted publish. You can also just say that the product is prepared or that it is a terrific product, and hyperlink to where they can purchase it which is mostly a longer sales page.
Many people are very a hit with this type of blogging. A real proponent of short posts that get proper to the point is Seth Godin and no one can deny his fulfillment.

2. Medium-Length Blog Post

This is the sort of posts many  specialists swear by. Writing between 500 to 1000 phrases long is considered pretty wellknown for the enterprise. Some blogging systems definitely advise maintaining posts to no greater than 600 words because you are being too lengthy-winded and possibly off subject matter in case you cross longer. Confining your writing to a certain word matter assist you to live focused.

How To – This type of weblog explains how How to write awesome blogpsot to do something this is very singular. Sometimes it uses snap shots to get the factor throughout.
Informational – Sharing records with your readers is regularly carried out within the medium-duration put up.
Most blog posts fall into this class. They are an appropriate length to tell a story, proportion facts, and consist of a call to motion – at the same time as along with enough keywords with out overwhelming the readers. HubSpot.Com is a big proponent of the medium-duration blog put up.

3. Long Blog Posts

This is a put up this is extra than 2000 words long and are regularly seen as greater authoritative and the fact is, they’re great for SEO. Google respects authority pages extra than area of interest blogs with lots of brief pages of content. Therefore, developing some longer posts, even up to 3500 phrases, can be high-quality to your target audience and serps.

Case Studies – These through definition want to be long due to the fact you are telling a tale approximately some thing this is more in-intensity. Case research that are to short will no longer tell the entire tale.
Annual Reports – If you have a massive sufficient commercial enterprise that you may create an annual report, posting it for studying to your weblog is an notable way to put content material in an effort to interest your readers.