What’s laser welding technology?

Ray ray welding is a new emulsion welding system, which radiates a high- intensity ray ray to the face of the essence and melts the essence to form a weld through the commerce between ray ray and essence. It uses the principle of infinitesimal stimulated radiation to excite the working material ( ray material) to produce a ray ray with good monochromaticity, strong directivity, and high intensity. The maximum energy viscosity of the focused ray ray can be 1013w/ cm2. The light energy can be converted into heat energy in just a many thousandths of a alternate or indeed less, and the temperature can be further than 10000 ℃. Laser welding technology is effective and a cheap process, you can checkout laser welding machine price by yourself.

The high- energy ray palpitation can be used to reuse the essence accoutrements. For a small area, original heating, the energy of ray radiation diffuses into the material through the heat conduction to melt the material and form a specific molten pool, so as to achieve the purpose of welding.

The ray welding machine is substantially used for welding thin-walled accoutrements and perfection corridor, which can realize spot welding, butt welding, lap welding, seal welding, etc. Ray welding is an effective welding process using the radiation energy of the ray. When the ray ray is agitated in the depression and the YAG material reaches the melting point, the ray ray can be excited back and forth in the depression, so that when the ray ray reaches the melting point of the workpiece, it can be excited by the ray ray, and the workpiece can be welded back and forth.

Ray welding can be divided into heat conduction welding and deep penetration welding. The heat of ray heat conduction welding diffuses into the workpiece through a heat transfer and melts only on the weld face. There’s no complete penetration inside the workpiece, and there’s principally no vaporization. It’s substantially used for low speed. Welding of thin wall accoutrements. Ray deep penetration welding can’t only fully access the material but also gasify the material to form a large quantum of tube. Due to the high heat, keyholes will appear at the frontal end of the molten pool. Ray deep penetration welding can fully access the workpiece, with large input energy and fast welding speed. It’s the most extensively used type of ray welding and you can buy laser welding machine where laser welding machine price is much low.

What’s laser welding machine?

The fiber ray welder is a kind of power welding tool that uses a fiber ray ray to connect essence or thermoplastic corridor together. The ray welding machine ray provides a concentrated heat source for spot welding, butt welding, stage welding, stage welding, T-butt welding, confluence welding, narrow confluence welding, deep confluence, and stage welding, and the welding rate is extremely high. This process is generally used in automated high- volume operations, similar as the automotive assiduity, pristine sword welding, sword welding, aluminum welding, etc.

It’s grounded on small hole or penetration mode welding. Fiber spotlights can be used in a variety of operations, from the welding of micro-parts generally used by manufacturing companies in the engineering, medical, and electronics diligence to the welding of thicker accoutrements in the automotive and aerospace diligence. Fiber spotlights are a universal, low- cost system to achieve high- quality spot welding for pristine sword welding, sword welding, aluminum welding, and another essence welding.

The fiber ray welder has numerous different names, similar as ray welding machines, ray ray welding machines, ray ray welding machines, ray welding machines, ray ray welding outfit, ray ray welding ordnance, ray ray welding tools, ray welding machine, confluence welding machines, ray welding machines, ray welding machine, ray brazing machine, ray connecting machine, ray welding machine, ray welder, aluminum welder, welding pristine sword machine, pristine sword welding machine, a welder for aluminum, pristine sword welder, handheld ray welder, the stylish welder for aluminum, sword welder, fiber ray welder, handheld fiber ray welding machine, handheld fiber ray welder. But no matter what its name is, it means ray welding machine, and now this machine is getting more and more popular for essence welding, similar as pristine sword welding, sword welding, aluminum welding. You can buy laser welding machine Here.