11 technologies to eliminate food and or water shortage

With the increasing awareness of environmental management as well as the surge of eco-friendly usage, Guest Publishing customers of environment-friendly food is coming to be more and more popular. Following this pattern, “green agriculture” in various components of the rapid growth. The author believes, must remove the 3 misunderstandings in the advancement of eco-friendly farming.

One is that environment-friendly agriculture is no chemical plant foods, no pesticide spraying farming. Green farming, refers to the farming production and also operation Smile Farm Royal methods in the production, handling, sales of environment-friendly food as the core. It is the countries on the planet to apply the target of farming sustainable growth is widely accepted designs. Eco-friendly agriculture in order to “environment-friendly”, “environment-friendly innovation”, “eco-friendly items” as the main body, is not

Use chemical plant foods and also chemicals, not thoughtlessly deny standard farming model, however the clinical use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, by the past count mostly on chemical fertilizers and chemicals into a mostly depend on the innate device of biological to achieve farming effectiveness.

The two plant food is that the advancement of environment-friendly agriculture of high financial investment, reduced profit. Eco-friendly farming in China generally through the great selection breeding as well as soil enhancement, to seek growth by utilizing environmental mechanism, the economic, social as well as ecological benefits of unity, significantly reduce the reliance on chemicals and plant foods, is a reduced input farming manufacturing mode. “Green consumption” in the ascendant, one of the most immediate needs for consumer goods is the “pollution-free”. That can make a big difficulty in the “eco-friendly” word, who can take extra consumers obtain a greater market share, acquire even more financial benefit. The growth of green farming as long as their marks, will record opportunities.